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Jason Donaldson TX Jason Magouirk TX IA Adam Hemme MO Eric Gardner TX Answer this question correctly first, and win free shipping on a Chiller bait tank. Be specific, only one winner will be chosen. The Chiller bait tank offers water tight brimful operation. What advantage does this optional feature provide? We often get asked why we don't have a scale catcher in our system. The Chiller bait tank is specifically designed to keep the scales on the fish. You shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel to empty or fill a bait tank.

The Chiller bait tank has 4 molded drains for unlimited plumbing options. FACT: We are the first and only bait tank to offer 4 drains with multiple customizable options. We have a game changer in seat suspension. Al at Air Wave is taking your boat ride to the next level. Stop by our booth to talk bait.

Check out this special edition Twisted Cat Outdoors wrap. The average bait tank produces an ammonia rich foam blanket in the main holding tank. Some very interesting tactics have developed over the years to deal with this. Removing foam and making foam water soluble are two different things. Elmers smart, be like Elmer. Stop by our booth to chat about bait tanks, bait care, or anything fishing related. We will have Chiller bait tanks available with a special Catfish Conference price. Want to keep live Mooneye? We have you covered.

The Chiller bait tank is the leader in advanced bait tank technology. Bait tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are welded together, others are rotomolded. Not all tanks are created equal. Here is a list of key points to consider before purchasing a bait tank. Can the tank be easily plumbed into your boat?

Does the aeration and flow contribute to scale loss? Vulnerable wire connections such as wire nuts, and standard copper wire can lead to system failure. Even the coating on standard copper wire can saturate causing corrosion. The Chiller bait tank uses only quality tinned copper wire throughout the entire system.

Abu Garcia® C3 Catfish Special Round

All our connections are soldered for ultimate dependability. Contact me before you order and I will give you a code. You will have all of to order. You will be excluded from future contest until the coupon is used. Wow okay guys this is what I'm going to do. I'm declaring a 3 way Tie. When you directly inject Bubbles into the main tank you create a very turbulent abrasive environment.

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Think of it as sand blasting your bait with millions of Nitrogen Bubbles. Tanks with abrasive holding tanks show increased scale loss as well as that all familiar foam blanket. Our system provides a gentle environment while confining our ammonia rich foam for easy removal. In many bait tank systems a Venturi aeration system injects an air bubble into the water.


Almost all of the oxygen dissolved into water from an air bubble occurs when the bubble is being formed. Only a negligible amount occurs during the bubbles transit to the surface of the water. This is why an aeration process that makes many small bubbles is better than one that makes fewer larger ones. Armed with this knowledge: Why would you you inject air Bubbles directly into the main holding tank of a bait tank?

Whisker Seeker Tackle Promo Code, 3+ Active Coupon Code - October

We are in the early stages of testing our hybrid protein skimmer for the Chiller bait tank. Alot of testing and fine tuning left before its available. This skimmer will further aid in water conditioning, turning our already contained foam back into a liquid for easy removal. The skimmer will work without any modifications on previously purchased tanks. Straight from the net to tank!! Our open design allows for easy bait transfers for minimal handling.

Easily condition your bait with our user friendly quick change filter system. The Chiller bait tank eliminates the need for foam off. Concentrated ammonia rich foam is confined to the easily drainable filter bays. This feature allows for superior water quality. Last Chance Year End sales Event!!! Enter coupon code: Last Chance catfishaddiction.

The Chiller bait tanks unique design prevents sloshing giving your bait a smooth ride. Non slip feet grip the floor, preventing the tank from moving around b Hayden has been fishing this series for a while now and it's so fun watching him grow each year. Way to do work Hayden! This team had an impressive season with 5 Top Ten finishes in the series with three of those finishes being 2nd Place. Congratulations Kyle, Tim, and Hayden! Be the first to know and let us send you an email when Catfish Addiction posts news and promotions.

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Catfish Fishing Line | High Visible Sunburst Orange

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